Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A Promise of things to come

Yet another lovely day, a frosty start and then sunshine.

I have been playing with my camera ( but have been struggling to get the photos where I would like them on this page.) as the idea of this blog was to keep a record of the progress, successes and failures of the coming year with the garden and livestock. Although so far most of my postings seem to center on the weather.

The only vegetables we have started to get ready for the new veg. patch are the first and second early potatoes. Swift and Charlotte. We have been chitting them on the attic window sill and the Swift are showing some nice sturdy shoots, the Charlotte are a little more sporadic.

It is clear from the photo that we still have much work and preparation to do to the veg. patch before it will be ready for planting. At Christmas we were able to make a good start but since then the weather has held us back.This is one of the reasons why I haven't yet sown any seeds.


Anonymous said...

we aer so behind on the digging.. you would laugh at our weed infested veg beds... still himself has a few days off coming up, and its half term soon...
btw - you dont happen to have a LS cockerel running with your girls do you? I promised my son some LS hatching eggs at some point....

Sandra said...

It's the first time the veg patch has been dug, just grass before.Thankfully my husband enjoys digging,it's just frustrating that it is so wet.

On the LS front I'm afraid no cockerel.These four rather elderly ladies came as a job lot with their house etc. I'm looking for a Cornish game cockerel to start a 'meat' flock.

Good luck with the egg hunt though.