Thursday, 15 January 2009

Here goes!!

My first tentative step into blogging.

Why am I doing this ? .... Well this year we are hoping to expand on a way of life that involves growing as much of our own food as possible and having read other blogs the idea of keeping a daily account to look back on appeals.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I live in Devon, am married and have three grown up children ( all still living at home !! ) A life time ago, before marriage I worked on a large dairy farm, in my spare time I bred pigs.My parents always grew their own veg. made chutney, jam etc. and at Christmas time bought a couple of chickens from the market to fatten up.My husband's family also grew their own vegetables and fruit and bred chickens, geese, pigs and rabbits for meat, so I guess the seeds were sown for a way of life that now is becoming more popular.

Christmas 2008 we managed to provide our own, turkey, gammon, bacon, sausages and eggs but none of the veg. Christmas 2009 will hopefully be different, having acquired additional land we are now starting a vegetable patch and have a greenhouse.This is where the blog comes in, a record of our achievements and I am sure many failures, photographs of the changes to the garden and tips and ideas received from others along the way.


Anonymous said...

welcome to blogland :)

Sandra said...

Thank you.You do realise I hold you totally responible :)