Sunday, 18 January 2009

A funny sort of day

It's been a funny, bitty sort of day today, but I think we did get a few things done.

We woke to a fairly calm day after last nights storm.Luckily no damage done, quite a few bits of branches scattered around the place and the odd bucket blown around, that's all.

Rather than start the hedge bordering the public footpath,which we like to finish in one go, we decided ( after seeing to the livestock) to tackle the old apple tree in the orchard.Like everything else it has been somewhat neglected.

Twenty minutes in the skies turned black,then a most beautiful rainbow and then a terrific hailstorm, enough to turn the grass white.After it stopped we tried to continue with the pruning, but by then we were a bit cold and wet and to be honest were making quite a mess of the grass, a precious commodity at this time of year, so we called it a day.

Instead we took the brambles etc to the tip and split and bagged enough logs for the coming week.

After lunch we went to the local garden centre to buy an automatic opening for the still unglazed greenhouse and some seeds and seed potatoes ,which have now been put to chit.

Tonight we will order the rest of seeds we need.

So I guess all in all not too bad a day.

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