Monday, 18 April 2011

Annie has lambed

Well Annie didn't lamb before midnight on Saturday as we had hoped, in fact when we went to check she was very settled and appeared to have no inclination whatsoever to proceed with the process.

So she was left for the night and it was with much trepidation that we arrived to the yard on Sunday morning, hoping we had made the right decision not to do an extra night check.

Looking into the pen I was pleased to see Annie standing by the gate and in the straw two lovely black lambs....then I noticed a third !! Annie had had triplets , 3 all black ram lambs. I think we missed the last lamb being born by minutes.

She has proved to be an attentive mother to all three and all three are feeding well.

There isn't a great difference in their size and I'm sure all three were born very close together, factors which can only have helped in the first precarious hours of their lives.

Today, despite me looking for all problems imaginable, they are fine, drinking, sleeping and bouncing about, as are Freda's twins.

Tomorrow they will be introduced to the outside world and I should be able to take photos and maybe even relax a little in the belief that they have as much chance of survival as any other lamb, albeit with a little extra attention and feed for both them and Annie.


Anonymous said...

sounds good. I'm sure what went wrong when we lost the two little ones is they had no colostrum, being born hours later.

Sandra said...

I do think it makes a huge difference.

Marianne said...

Yay! wonderful. We've really enjoyed our (or rather Zig's) first set, We had 1 that was a bit smaller so we gave him extra milk from a ewe that had a single. And Mama has been fed 3 times the ration of oats and alfalfa.. Now at 5 weeks they are all the same size and growing like weeds. Look forward to seeing pictures. Enjoy!!