Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Getting back on track

For many and varied reasons all work and plans involving house renovation and livestock came to an almost complete standstill towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year.

We now however feel as if we are getting back on track, albeit very slowly.

Work on the house to be rented has restarted. This is a mixed blessing; as pleasing as it is to see progress being made, time is only spent on the house when no paid work is available. However once completed the rent from the house will cover the quiet times when no work is coming in.

Work at home on the extension is also progressing slowly, very slowly, but slow is better than a standstill.

This morning the lambs finally made it to the slaughterhouse, several months later than usual. Keeping them longer has cost us dearly both in hard feed and wear to the land. A friend has kindly suggested she keeps my ewes until as close to lambing as possible to give the grass a chance to grow. An offer I am very grateful for. At the weekend we stocked up with straw and hay, so I at least feel we can provide for them.
I am considering this year selling the lambs rather than taking them through to a good carcass age and weight, especially if each of the ewes produces twins.

The poultry have been easier to manage. Although hatching has been delayed after I left a gate between pens open and the breeding groups spent a lovely afternoon socialising!

The garden is still too wet to get much done. I did however on one of the few sunny days of late, manage to trim back last years growth on the herb garden and bank along the path to the house, revealing masses of snowdrops and daffodils. A welcome sight.

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Anonymous said...

the snowdrops are lovely at the mo aren't they :)