Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Major sort out. - building work

are going to have a major sort out of our clutter this year.... starting today ( or maybe tomorrow).

Several years ago we built an extension to the house. Ever since the shell of the upstairs rooms, designed as an en suite bedroom and shower room have been used as a walk in attic - ideal for storing all the many 'we may need it one day' items, including empty boxes - why??

Although convenient for storage, filling the space has meant progress on the rooms has stopped completely!! There were other factors too. Now however we have reached the stage where it just has to be done.

The downstairs bathroom is a disgrace. I am ashamed and embarrassed by it's appearance. No amount of cleaning makes it acceptable. The broken tiles allow water to seep into the walls, blowing the plaster not only in the bathroom but the adjoining walls of the toilet and hallway.

By clearing the clutter, pipes and wires can be laid and serious work can begin.

Maybe just maybe this time next year I will have a lovely new, sparkling bathroom, shower room and bedroom. I would be happy with just a shower room to begin with.


Jo said...

Good luck!! :)

Sandra said...

Thank you. believe me we are going to need it ! : )

Anonymous said...

yes - good luck!