Friday, 5 November 2010

A year almost gone

Today is grey and misty with driving rain, although not at all cold. We are fast approaching the end of another year and I am finding it hard to focus on all we have achieved rather than everything that has still be be done.

The flower and herb gardens have suddenly changed from being full of Autumn colour to an over grown soggy mess that desperately needs attention. The vegetable patch is tidier and amazingly despite a couple of sharp frosts we are still picking autumn raspberries.

The ewes have been at a friends for a few weeks now. First they were put onto rough grazing to ensure they were completely dry after being weaned from their lambs. They were then put to graze on lush pasture to 'flush' them. This weekend the ram arrives.
We still have the lambs at home, the latest we have ever kept them. We really must organise a date with the abattoir.

Tonight sees the start of reducing cockerel numbers. Firstly the Partridge Welsummers, who will be light but still provide a meal or two and then the purpose bred table birds. It will be interesting to compare the two.

The rest of the birds need reorganising into breeding groups. The turkeys are growing at a steadier pace and will hopefully be good for Christmas. The remaining pair of, now very elderly geese, are left to do their own thing. They have enjoyed an Autumn of fallen apples, the grass is still growing and they are being fed daily on a scoop of mixed corn with added cod liver oil. With fresh water to drink and bathe in and plenty of space to roam they will live out their remaining years in peace.

Next year we must concentrate on renovating the house to rent and also our own, possibly at the cost of cutting back on vegetable growing and rearing weaners. We'll see.

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