Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rain !!

Don't let me ever complain about the lack of rain again. It is absolutely pouring down, the wind is blowing and it is dark enough to need lights on. All the hens are sheltering under their houses, the turkeys have been kept in for the day (they aren't bright enough to shelter from the rain of their own accord) and the sheep are lurking in the pig ark, the broody is safely snuggled up in the shed. Only the geese are out and about and they aren't that fond of the wind.


Marianne said...

Hi Sandra,
I have to say I'm a little bit jealous of your rain (though not the wind). We haven't had a drop in almost 2 months - normal for Oregon at this time of year, but I would much rather my garden have a natural drink rather than running up the water bill. Hope you and the critters dry out soon.

Sandra said...

It's been a funny year weather wise.. a wet winter, a very cold dry Spring, an even drier early Summer - an 80 year record.
The grass or lack of it has been bad for everyone, I have been feeding hay throughout the Summer and doubt the grass will recover fully this year ...and now rain forecast through to November, no Indian Summer this year but I do appreciate not having to carry water, just have to remember to do the greenhouse.

Your veg looks very good considering you have had it soo dry.

When are you off? have a super time :-)