Friday, 12 March 2010

Target day...Renovation of MIL house

Wednesday was 'target day' for a decision on our planning application. It has been and gone and we still don't know if we can go ahead with the porch, roof etc on the house. For now we can carry on regardless but not having a decision will soon start to impact on the order of work.

The house is looking very different, especially downstairs. Everywhere has been gutted and taken right back to the stone walls. The two living rooms have been knocked into one, making it so much lighter and airier. One of the fireplaces has been blocked up, the old surround from the other removed and made ready for a wood burner. The kitchen extended and the original door built up and repositioned to where the interior window was. The collection of out houses - wash house, toilet, coal house etc. have been knocked down to be replaced by a new downstairs cloakroom and utility room which will now be part of the house.
Once planning permission is received the front door will be moved to where the window is and a porch attached.
Double doors to the back garden will be built in the space between the two original fireplaces and the stairs will be turned around.

The first fixings of electrics are in place, rooms are being plastered and windows are soon to be ordered. After months of demolition the house is now being put back together again.

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ugh - hope you get your answer soon