Sunday, 28 February 2010

Making a start

We finally ran out of excuses and valid reasons for putting off sorting the attic and so this afternoon we made a start. Why do we save the boxes items come in long after the said item has been broken, replaced etc.? Why do we have curtains from our first house (we are now in our third) when the windows are a completely different style and off cuts of carpet... long forgotten?

It is not really an attic, it is an extension built several years ago now, that is to be the master en suite bedroom and separate family bathroom. The whole project was put on hold as we concentrated on work in the garden and at the yard and also whilst we took care of my husband's mother in her last few years and since her death sorting her house.
It has been so long since our first plans for the extension were discussed that motivation and enthusiasm have been hard to conjure up. Now however the old bathroom is so dire we can no longer ignore the fact that it needs urgent attention (gutting). To do so we first need to have the new one in place. Then once the bedroom is completed, what is now our bedroom can become the living room and the half built sun room attached to it can also be completed. The living room can then become the office, meaning the dining room will once again become a dining room.

In the meantime we are back in the 'attic' deciding if we really do need to save all those 1980s lamp shades ... 'just in case' !

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