Saturday, 27 February 2010

First gate sale

Today I made my first sale of eggs from the garden gate. For a couple of weeks now I have been selling surplus eggs to friends and neighbours but despite this the egg mountain continued to grow. So I designed and printed a poster, which was laminated and stapled to a board which hooked over the gate. I then placed 1/2 dozen boxes of eggs, of mixed colours, into a wicker basket on the steps and waited. Within an hour I had sold my first and only box of six.

As we live on a single car width road going to nowhere in particular I was really pleased with my first sale. The best I was hoping for today was that people passing noticed the sign and made a mental note to come and buy at a later date.

The forecast tomorrow, unfortunately is for torrential rain and strong winds. Sunday is the best day for people passing as it is a popular route for joggers and walkers and I was hoping to sell more.

Early days....typically though today I only collected 5 eggs !


Anonymous said...

you'll soon get regular cutomers - I've still got the sold out sign up.. and they still come and ask!

Sandra said...

I was really quite chuffed. :)