Sunday, 27 December 2009

Pottering with poultry

After two days of staying indoors, other than popping out for the odd hour to tend to the essential chores, today we escaped outside once again....mostly poultry pottering.

We extended the yard hens area by opening their gate and giving them the run of the grassed area between the two parcels of land, to scratch about in. It did mean having to clip their wings as the fences outside of their pen are lower and border neighbouring property, but worth it to see them enjoying the fresh grass and exploring new corners.
We moved the geese from the orchard into the area previously occupied by the turkeys. Not only does this give the geese fresh grass but it enables us to completely rest the orchard.
We then made preparations for the arrival of our new breeding quartet, a cockerel and three POL hens. They will have complete free range of the paddock, but for the first few days we will restrict them to an area around their house. This will get them use to us and to where 'home' is.
At home we moved the houses and feeders around in the layers pen, to prevent any area becoming worn, checked the beak on one of the Welsummers and the eye of the young Australorp. It wasn't looking 'quite right' but wasn't infected or weeping so we just gently bathed it, more than likely it was just a scratch or foreign object. She is perfectly well, alert and active.
It was good to be busy outside once again, all the poultry are 'sorted' for the time being and we can now start looking forward and making plans for the coming breeding season.


Anonymous said...

it's ncie to get back out isn't it :)

and so great now I have been to visit to be able to visualise the areas you are talking about!

what breed of chickens are you getting? and how was the turkey?

Sandra said...

The turkey was great, huge and very succulent. We've eaten loads and frozen loads, the stock from the carcass is cooling down now ready for going in the freezer.

As for breed of chicken more than likely Cornish game, although it looks as if though we may not get there tomorrow - we are watching the weather closely.