Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Looking forward to the New Year

Now Christmas is over we have started to look forward to the New Year, making a list of jobs to be done over the coming year in order of priority. I don't know why we bother, we never adhere to it.
Last year all inside jobs were ignored whilst we concentrated on the livestock and garden.This year we must address some of the 'house' jobs, although the livestock will always come first.
In the next few weeks there are a few jobs that must be done with the livestock before we turn our hand to anything else.
The poultry need sorting into breeding and laying groups.
The three 'good' Welsummer hens who at present are part of the laying flock will be moved into a pen with the Welsu
mmer cockerel.
The three reject Welsummers will go in the freezer.
The Ixworth, Australorp and Speckled Sussex will form part of the table breeding group.
The second Speckled Sussex, who is poorly marked and smaller will also go in the freezer.
The two Light Sussex pullets and the Brahma will be moved in with the layers. I'm hoping the Brahma will make a good broody hen
The two ganders and goose aka the Paddock geese are destined for the pot. Leaving us with just Old Henry and his mate

The ewes will be collected in the next couple of days.

Once everyone is sorted we can start indoors ... although first we must plant the soft fruit as time is running out and then the veg. patch needs digging over ready for sowing and so it goes on. One day we will start on the list of house jobs!

Looking forward to future Christmas' our newly planted sapling.

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