Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Fruit trees delivered

This morning the fruit trees we ordered, late on Sunday afternoon, from
Victoriana Nursery Gardens arrived.

They were extremely well packed. I now have enough straw to keep the chickens in nesting material for 6 months or more ! and as far as I can tell are fine. Fruit trees aren't my department but to my eye they look healthy and a good shape, certainly better than any we looked at locally. As soon as the others arrive we can plant them.

Some of the trees are on a root stock for shallow rooting and will need permanent staking. We chose these as they will be planted in a garden that has been created above a supporting wall and a garage that has been dug into the hillside, so has limited soil depth.

The front garden looks as if though it's finally taking shape....just the house left to do now !!!


Anonymous said...

We just planted another plum tree because we were told the two we had needed a pollinator. We've had gorgeous fruit of the first two but not much, so hopefully we'll get even more plums this summer. They're amazing, dripping, dark things. Love them!

Sandra said...

They sound lovely !! We have a couple of old plum trees that are local to this area only.Unfortunately though they are old and coming to the end of their lives. This year the frost caught the blossom.


How close are you to Dannervirke (sp) ? my Aunt has a small holding there.

Anonymous said...

oooh SAndara - wot trees did you get?

ack.. time we thought about what to buy for this autumn planting

Anonymous said...

oh doh - now i have read what you have ordered!!