Sunday, 4 October 2009

Auction day and Welsummer change of plan .. .again!

Why is it that a day off leaves you feeling more exhausted than a hard days work ? Yesterday we went, as arranged, to the poultry auction
and afterwards to several garden centres looking for fruit trees, arriving home, after collecting the dog in time to do the evening livestock rounds. We were both shattered !!

The auction was, as always fascinating and fun with a good atmosphere but there were fewer people than expected, many commented on how quiet it was. Although over 200 lots, the variety of birds was small and the standard not that good. Several pens were marked as sub standard, although this also referred to utility birds ( as it was a rare and minority breed auction ) there were very few top quality or premium quality birds, most only managing standard. Most prices were realistic, some low with some birds not reaching their reserve. All the turkeys failed to make their price. It was interesting to notice how fashion for different breeds change. In March Buff Orpingtons were making silly money, yesterday the Buff and Speckled Sussex sold well as did the Welsummer.
I didn't buy anything. There were two pens of Indian Game, one a trio, on
e a pair. Neither were that special and as I don't 'need' them until the Spring I shall take my time to look around.

However we have had a change of plan. Mr Voice of Reason, yes his idea, not mine, suggested that I ought to keep the Welsummer cockerel and the three good pullets to breed from next year, as mine do seem to compare very favourably (she says modes
tly) to yesterdays birds that managed to reach a good standard. So the cockerel is no longer for dinner and a new breeding house and pen needs to be organised.

(Photo: The cockerel- 24 weeks - does have slight feathering/stubble on his legs which is a fau
lt, but hopefully one that will breed out.
Middle: Light Sussex cockerel 19 weeks
Below: Light Sussex trio with Brahma Cross? )

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I am Stan said...

Wowza!...superb looking birds..the colors on the cock are very bright...he must have plenty of brides to groom him...he looks strong and proud....his brides look sweet and plump... ha ha ha wonder he looks so pleased.. ha ..ha.. ha .