Thursday, 6 August 2009

Garden round up

It has been a while since I posted an update on the progress of the garden.

For future reference mostly for ourselves ...a list

Broad beans
...initially good but after they were attacked by black fly we only had a few pickings.

Runner and French beans ... as always reliable. Plenty for eating, freezing and sharing, with the bulk still to come.

Beetroot... have been fantastic, we've been digging them for quite a while with more to come. As yet we haven't pickled any but eaten plenty - often straight from the pan.

Turnips ... Initially they were good, best we have grown - Aramis. Second sowing not so good.Third sowing - snowball just germinating.

Carrots... complete disaster, not sure why. Small, splitting and rotting in the ground.

Potatoes.. first early Swift, not worthwhile, no earlier than others, few to a stalk, no great flavour. Despite blight we have taken a chance and left the rest in the ground. Charlotte cropping well. Some slug damage and a few with a scab ( limey soil)

Onions and shallots ... Spring onions doing well. First of the shallots were dug about 10 days ago. Once dried they will be pickled. Second crop of shallots and onions still to dig.

Parsley .. is plentiful, using and freezing .

Cucumbers ... not great but beginning to look a little more promising. Marrows ....OK, not outstanding. Squash...sickly. Courgettes ... enough, but not drowning in them as in previous years.

Lettuce... a slight lull now but until recently continuous, enough for us and the animals.

Tomatoes - Greenhouse ... heavy crop, but no flavour, very disappointing. Outdoor ... split and mushy after the heavy rain...enjoyed only by the chickens.

Peppers ... I have been pleased with the peppers but disappointed in the colour range.

Reading back it doesn't sound that positive but for a while now we have eaten mostly home grown vegetables and salad and even those we consider tasteless are so much nicer than shop bought and we still have plenty to follow.

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