Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Early morning manouvers

We were greeted at the gate this morning by the smallest of the gilts. As endearing as that sounds she was actually on the wrong side of the electric fence. I'm not sure how long she had been out but she had certainly enjoyed herself, judging by the destruction. If she is hogging and was looking for the boys or if she just thought the grass was greener on the other side, I don't know. She was easily enticed back to the right side of the fence with food, but once the food had gone she was out again, straight through the fencing. After checking the fence wasn't earthing anywhere, we changed the battery, in case the other was loosing it's charge. It made no difference she went straight through it again. So we made the lower wire live. We have four strands to the fence, when we first get the weaners we have the lower three live, as they grow and start to dig we disconnect the lower one and connect the top one ( it has always worked well before !). Even with the four wires live she still walked straight through, this time joined by the second pig and with less inclination to return.
So we decided the only thing to do was to swap the boars and gilts around, as the boars pen has a more solid barrier.

Sounded simple enough, however to do so was like trying to do one of those child's puzzle, (the ones that have several plastic squares that you have to move around to make a picture - I never was very good at them ! )

First we moved the sheep out of the Fowls run into the orchard, we then moved the gilts and contained them in the small yard in front of the stable...so far so good. Next we walked the boars from their pen through the builders yard to the paddock. Again all too easy, then the boars saw the gilts ! several scoops of food later we managed to encourage the gilts through the Fowls run into Jack's area and their 'new ' home. All we had to do now was to put the boars back into the original pig area, the one with the electric fencing.
Half an hour later, with many handfuls of food, a couple of pig boards and few encouraging and not so encouraging words, the two boars finally decided that it was safe to cross the gap in the electric fencing. Ironic really as it was the gilts total disregard of the fencing that started it all.
Then it was just a case of trying to persuade the sheep to return to the meagre grass of the Fowls run oh and chase the geese back into the paddock as they had taken the opportunity to wander off.

Finally at 8.30am everyone was where they should be....but for how long ?

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