Thursday, 18 June 2009


Not as in planning permission for building, we will have all the joys of that in the next few weeks - which breed of livestock we will have and when, sort of planning. We spend ages discussing the different breeds to have and why, research the pros and cons on the internet and in various books and then everything changes and we justify to ourselves why the latest plans are the best !

For months now we have been planning how to set up our breeding group of poultry for meat, breed type, if to buy in adults or hatch our own, where to put them etc. I don't think any of the present ideas are the original ones.

The bee hives are now where the breeding house was going to be and we still haven't decided on a new location. The geese were supposed to be gone or at least reduced to a single flock before we started with hens at the yard - we still have them all. We discussed buying in good quality stock as the starter group i.e Indian game cockerel, a few heavy breed hens.We are now considering using the hens we have and hopefully will hatch and I have now ordered different breeds of hatching eggs than we had decided on last night !

It does all work out right in the end, I just wonder why we plan when we know we will just go with the flow at the time.

Take the Tamworths, a breed neither of us would have considered, but there happened to be some available at the time we wanted pigs we've had. Hopefully we will be saying the same about the hens soon....Ixworth isn't a breed of hens on the top of my *ideal* list or Croad Langshan come to that. On Saturday I am picking up a clutch of 13 mixed heavy breed hatching eggs..goodness knows what I'll get but I may be pleasantly surprised.


Anonymous said...

ah well plannign is one thing - and what is available at the right time is another. :)

I guess you will be doing tamworths again then.

Sandra said...

Early days on the pigs...we'll see how they handle as they get bigger and what they kill out like but if thye continue as they are now ..yes.