Friday, 26 June 2009

Not just turkey talk

The final turkey hatched early this morning, it had pipped the shell on Wednesday. I do wonder now how many potentially viable eggs I have called a day on in previous settings. It is now in the brooder with the others and has started to find it's legs. Turkey poults are very different to chicks, far more laid back and quieter ( although they do make up for it later on as turkey hens never stop wittering.). Young chicks are like busy bees, scratching around and running from place to place, cheeping the whole time. Turkey poults are more - OK let's sleep, food 'go on then ', let's sleep, a little potter around ' if you insist', let's sleep.

The older chicks are now ten weeks old and their voices are changing, they have lost the high pitched peeping and are sounding more like the adults. The cockerel's voice is croaky, almost as if though his voice is breaking. I just hope he doesn't start to crow too soon !

Fred the lamb isn't too good. He has been scouring ever since I stopped his bottle. At first we thought it may be dietary but at the weekend he was looking sorry for himself, so we started him on a 3 day antibiotic course, plus kaolin. Neither have had any effect so today we wormed them all and tomorrow will put them onto clean land. The only drawback being, clean ground also means plenty of fresh grass. I think I may have to consider stabling him and feed hay only as he really has lost condition.

The pigs are fantastic, very friendly, loads of fun and growing well.

The garden is doing OK. Unfortunately the rain forecast for last night and today never materialised so it looks like we will be back to watering again tonight. As long as it doesn't rain during the daytime over the weekend as we have so much planned - night time would be good.

Photo: Magpie moth, an over night visitor spending today in the kitchen.

Photo: 1 Plant damage. 2 The culprit, a mullein moth caterpillar funnily enough on the mullein ( verbascum) plant.

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