Sunday, 31 May 2009

Mostly chickens and gardening

As most of yesterday was spent at the yard doing sheep things we spent today at home doing chicken things and also catching up with both the vegetable and flower garden and greenhouse.

As always, we first went to the yard to see to the livestock - pigs, geese and sheep. It was a beautiful morning, the strong winds from yesterday having dropped. The bird population must have thought the same as three families had fledged. There were a family of great tits in the plum tree in the orchard and a family of blue tits in the paddock. Sadly the wrens from the redesigned swallows nest in the feed shed had also fledged. I say sadly because before we realised they had, the dog had caught and killed one. He was quickly returned to the car and for the rest of the day has been receiving hard stares from us all. I'm sure he has been exaggerating his limp in the hope of some sympathy.

Photo: Newly fledged wren.

Now that Fred is no longer in with the chickens, I have been able to cut the grass and move the houses around. I have also treated the houses for red mite. There is no sign of any as yet but it's always best to be on the defensive. I have also been able to start the chickens on their wormer without the fear of Fred eating the food.

Having the chicks in the brooder in the shed is working really well. We can rear them in a much more natural way. We were able to turn the heater and lamp off for most of today and they seemed to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Tonight the heat lamp is on but they will spend the night in darkness and wake with the natural light at dawn.

The turkey eggs in the incubator ? I'm trying not to think about them too much. I check the temperature and humidity once a day and then try and forget otherwise I will fiddle! it is going to be very long 28 days !


A Green and Rosie Life said...

We had a wren fledgling in Pig's boudoir last night - it scurried across the floor before settling motionless on the wall. It wasn't there this morning so I hope it survived the night.

Rosie x

Sandra said...

I hope it didn't go the same way as one of ours!