Monday, 9 March 2009


I swear there is more mud inside my house than out !! All last week and today they, husband etc. have been working on the outside of the house, digging trenches, rendering, building a stone wall and so on, today laying slabs outside of the greenhouse and putting gravel down the path. I really do appreciate it but the MUD !!

I'm not house proud but when the mud is in lumps and you can hear it rattling up the cleaner and the windows are so covered in stone dust from the stone saw that you can't see out doesn't help that I am feeling lousy.

Also the utility room and dining room are full of wet sleeping bags, rucksacks, clothes and walking boots hopefully drying out. Both sons help lead the school's Ten Tors training weekends and this weekend was wet !

Moan over. I'll go and do something productive now.

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