Wednesday, 18 February 2009

A Nothing Day

Today's been a nothing much doing day. It has been drizzling , or as a child I minded used to say 'dripping' all day, so nothing other than the usual daily jobs got done.

My Aunt who is 81 years old called in to drop off some plants for me this morning. In less than 2 weeks time she is off to New Zealand for 3 months to visit her sister.She is quite amazing, lives by herself, tends her garden which puts mine to shame and until a few months ago cooked lunches weekly for the 'old people' in the village and made regular visits to her elderly Aunts !!

Her sister in New Zealand is equally remarkable, running a small holding by herself at the age of 73. My daughter describes her as in her 70s, looks 50 and behaves like she is 30 !!

Mind you my mother is just the come then I feel so achy and old !!

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