Sunday, 8 February 2009

Annie's companions

Annie has been a lot calmer than I expected after being left on her own after Whitestripe's death. On the first day we moved her into the paddock with the geese. She immediately paired up with one of the goslings from last year who has been left, slightly, on the sidelines by the other three geese. It was quite strange but rather sweet to see. They grazed together side by side and lay together to rest. ( I tried to get a photo but typically my camera batteries ran flat.)

Yesterday we introduced her to Kiwi ( as in the All Blacks ) a ewe lamb from last year.We have nicknamed Kiwi Shadow, as right from the start she followed Annie around, not leaving her side once, much to Annie's annoyance.The expression on her face seems to be one of 'just give me some space ! '

Kiwi, all being well, will remain with Annie until Annie gives birth. She will then return to her flock, hopefully tamer. It always helps to have a couple of friendly sheep in a flock as it makes any interaction with them so much easier.

It's not the same without Whitestripe, but I do feel all will turn out well.

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