Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Butterflies - photos

Today is warm and sunny, if a bit breezy. The marjoram and buddliea are in full bloom attracting many butterflies and more bumble bee species than I knew existed.

I tried photographing them with little success and just when I managed to get close enough without causing a small cloud of coloured wings my batteries went flat.

I identified at least 10 different species, most I knew, a few I didn't or wasn't quite sure but I found this site to be a useful guide.

Below a few of the species I did manage to capture with the camera, in my garden today. The Peacock and Meadow Brown alluded me. The Speckled Wood which can often be found on the bramble flowers in the hazel hedge was no where to be seen.

Photos: Holly Blue :

Small Copper :

Gate Keeper : ( distinguished from the Meadow Brown by two rather than a single white spot on the wings )

Small White :

Ringlet :

Comma :

Small Tortoiseshell:

Red Admiral :

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