Thursday, 6 May 2010

Extra grazing

Work on making the orchard sheep proof has begun, albeit in an indirect way. The orchard, rather a grand term for an area of rough grazing that can only boast an old Bramley apple tree and a couple of ancient Dittisham plum trees, is adjacent to the garden of the house we are renovating. All that separates the two at present is an old stone wall with a few tired fuchsia bushes and a length of rusty chicken wire on top, with a good 4ft drop on the garden side.

As the house will be rented once finished, a more secure fence is needed.

Once completed it will take us one step further to having extra grazing for the sheep, who can only now graze the area if supervised.

More fencing needs to be put in place between the orchard and the neighbours garden, the churchyard bank needs protecting and a couple of piles of rubble that have been waiting to be moved for far too long now all needs doing before it is as sheep proof as anywhere can be.

To enable today's work to be carried out without too much hindrance from the livestock, this morning we had to move all the animals, their shelters, feeders, drinkers etc.

Fred was moved from the paddock to the strip of land between the poultry pens and the Fowl's run, which meant the Welsummer breeding flock had to remain in their area rather than free range. The ewes and lambs were moved from the Fowl's run into the paddock and the geese were moved from the orchard to the Fowl's run. The Indian Game flock have a mind of their own and go where they choose !
Rather than go through the whole procedure again tomorrow morning, tonight I think they can stay where they are.

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