Wednesday, 28 April 2010

So far behind

This year I am so far behind with the vegetable sowing/planting I wonder if I will ever catch up. The weather over winter and spring was dreadful, the ground either too wet or frozen to prepare for this year. With overnight frosts prevalent until just a week or so ago there seemed little point in even sowing in the greenhouse.

The tomato seedlings are just coming through, this time last year they were being transplanted into grow bags, their first flowers just showing..The peppers are through but still
too small to pot on, salad leaves are up but not ready to pick yet.Radishes are ready but the spring onions aren't and I have only today sown the courgettes, cucumbers, marrows, gherkins and squash.

In the garden the broad beans are growing well, but again this time last year were so much further ahead. All the seeds sown outdoors other than the parsnips are through, the potatoes are showing above ground and the onions and shallots are looking good. The rhubarb is growing by the day and the parsley is ready for picking and freezing. So maybe it will all turn out well in the end.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

I could have written that post - so behind here too what with the cold and now the dry. I have had to re-sow parsnips and I'm watering what seedlings are up which is normally unheard of in April.

Poppy said...

I am feeling the same, right up until last week I was telling myself "it's only April, last year we had only just got the allotments by this time", now it is May!

Sandra said...

I'm sure everything will catch up...well hoping anyway ! They are still forecasting overnight frosts for here next week.