Sunday, 25 April 2010


My least favourite pastime .... shopping, unless for chickens of course. Today we had to buy radiators and towel rails for the 'to be rented' house. We also took time to choose but not buy, the bathroom suites and decided on the style of kitchen we thought was best. I guess the fact that we are at the choosing/buying stage means progress is being made on the renovations. Although it has been put on hold for the past few weeks as 'proper' jobs came in.

We are still waiting on planning, middle of March was our given target date. The reason for the delay? the council computers were down for a week and they were unable to process any plans !

All windows apart from the ones to be made for the front (planning delay) have been fitted as have the French doors. More walls have been plastered, the stairs are in the process of being made and can be fitted once the floor is down.

Still a tremendous amount to do but each stage is one step closer to finishing.

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