Saturday, 6 March 2010

Spring cleaning

Today we started to Spring clean. We usually give all the houses, feeders etc a more thorough clean and tidy at the weekends but this weekend we also mucked out, scrubbed and whitewashed the stable ready for lambing. Possibly not in line with bio security but the chickens spent a very happy hour or so scratching around the fresh straw gleaning any missed corn.

We also moved the 'A' frame ark from the chicken run, scrubbed and disinfected it and once dry placed the broody hen and her chick inside. I just hope she is warm enough. It was good to see them on the grass.
With her safely outside, the pen inside the shed could be cleaned and aired ready for the next broody.

The Layers house was given an extra thorough scrub and everything left open to air. Their shelter was moved and the grass tidied of discarded feathers. We need to renew the wire around the base of the Rowan tree and Crab apple where they have scratched a little too enthusiastically. We also plan to plant a few more shrubs in the pen - a couple of garden blackberries and a 'spare' raspberry. They will need to be fenced off until established but in the long run will provide extra shelter and interest.

Next in line for a tidy is the greenhouse, a little late I know. I have started by giving the hens the old grow bags, which they love to destroy.

We have also blocked up the gate entrance at the yard, that led from Jack's garden, now that he no longer lives there. For a hundred years members of the family have trodden that more.

A start has also been made on levelling the ground in the empty pig pen. Once the old water butt has been removed and a soak away dug the ground can be worked ready for re seeding. Eventually it will be another poultry pen.

All in all a good days work, it's surprising what a little sunshine can do.

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