Saturday, 27 March 2010

Freda has lambed !

Freda lambed between 6.45 pm and 9.15 pm last night. Twins, a boy and a girl. On the 6.45 pm checked she just looked 'not herself, a little uncomfortable' but no classic lambing signs and eager for her feed.
As we entered the feed shed to turn the lights on at 9.15pm we heard the familiar, very reassuring deep rumble only heard from a newly lambed ewe and then a weak high pitched bleat of a lamb. We knew she had lambed and had at least one live one. She had actually given birth to two. The second a small ram lamb was just struggling to his feet. The larger ewe lamb looked as if she had been born a while before, she was dry , had a full belly and was quite steady even managing a little hop and skip before we left - an hour later.
We stood for awhile, quietly watching. Freda was very attentive to both. Before we left we made sure the second lamb had a good feed, sprayed the cords and left them in peace.

This morning both were still alive....always a relief ! Both were up on their feet. The ewe lamb is big and confident, I think we may have to watch the little ram, just to make sure he gets a fair share of Freda's milk.

Freda looks well, I think a little lame on one of her hind legs. She ate well, is drinking plenty and was pleased with the offering of ivy.

We are still waiting on Annie.

Photos to follow!!


Anonymous said...

great news :)

A Green and Rosie Life said...

Well done Freda - Looking forward to photos.

Rosie x