Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Last minute preparations

We woke this morning to the the worst weather conditions of the winter. After days of very severe frosts but with the ground hard and dry, this morning everywhere was icy and the roads were lethal. Overnight it had rained and then when the temperature dropped the ground froze again, causing black ice and chaos.

We chose to walk the 2 miles to the livestock this morning as the road from the
house to the main road was like a skating rink. Many people fell and the police were forced to close the town's car parks after several cars crashed and/or were abandoned.

The weather throughout the day failed to improve, although above freezing there were frequent wintry showers accompanied by thunder and lightning.

We spent the day on last minute preparations for Christmas, the turkeys were dressed, the house decorated with greenery and presents wrapped. Tomorrow we shall dig the veg from the garden, prepare as much of the food for Christmas day as possible, visit relations to deliver presents, spend the evening with friends, a little last minute present wrapping and then bed.

Many thanks to my Husband's Aunt who kindly made us this wonderful, huge Christmas cake.


Anonymous said...

merry Christmas to you and your family :)

Sandra said...

Thank you and to you and yours :)