Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Bad weather stops play

Today we should be travelling to Hereford, staying the night in a hotel with evening meal booked and then tomorrow morning visiting an experienced, well respected poultry breeder to buy a quartet of birds that will become my main breeding group and the start of my dreams/plans.

Instead I'm stuck at home due to weather warnings of severe snow in Wales and torrential rain here.
Due to various circumstances we very rarely go away. We haven't had a holiday in years and the last time we spent a night away from home was 18 months ago when we collected our youngest son from Uni. so it was going to be a rare treat and as for buying poultry ...well you can imagine how excited I am. I was also very much looking forward to meeting 'Castle Farm' and seeing his set up. Knowledge like his can only come from years of dedication and experience.
However the trip is only postponed not cancelled, so as soon as the weather improves the trip will go ahead. The hen house has been adapted and disinfected, as have the feeders etc. Even my wellies have been scrubbed and cleaned with virkon in readiness.

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