Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Planning visit

We spent most of Saturday sorting through the remaining household items in MIL's house. Yet more boxes to the charity shop and tip. We decided to take a few boxes to the auction house this weekend. I'm sure there is nothing of great value just a few things we don't know what to do with. So I have spent most of this morning, sorting, washing and wrapping. There is still the odd item of furniture in the house ( not to mention all the boxes in our house ) but we really do need to clear it all now so the renovation of the house can progress...... and I always thought my husband's parents never had many possessions!

Today the planning officer came out to the house. The back extension for a fourth bedroom is a non started, much as we expected. She seems to think the front porch and sun room should go through and also the pitch roof, although she didn't seem too enthusiastic by any of the ideas. It appears we will also need planning to use hung slate on the side wall. At least now she has visited, the architect can draw up and submit the plans. I think it is going to be a long drawn out affair.

In the meantime what can be done is getting done. The electrician has been out and worked on the third floor and the bathroom on the second floor and now instead of plaster coming off the walls and the walls coming down, walls are being rebuilt and re plastered.

As for work on our day !!

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