Monday, 12 October 2009

Planning application

st Wednesday's meeting with the architect confirmed our doubts on the likelihood of getting all our plans approved.

The erection of a front porch shouldn't prove a problem, as several houses in the street already have one. There will be conditions applied, as the main street of the village is a conservation area but nothing that we are unable to work with.

The extension of a sun room onto the side of the house shouldn't pose any problems at all. It's just the second floor extension at the back that is going to prove the sticking point.
It will mean extending beyond the present boundary, close to the neighbour. So rather than submit a full application straight away, the architect has taken photos and drawn up basic plans and submitted a preliminary application. We are now waiting for a site meeting with the planning officer to see where we stand. The only argument we have in our favour is we will be replacing a flat roof ( a planning officers pet hate) with a pitched roof.

There is still work that can be done to the interior of the house, but it is getting close to the stage where no more can be done until we know how or if we can extend, when we reach that point all we will be able to do is wait for a decision to be made.

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