Monday, 19 October 2009

Fruit trees planted

We spent the weekend planting the fruit trees and finishing the front garden ...well almost !

We still have the soft fruit i.e raspberries, strawberries, fig and kiwi to plant against the south facing wall and also a fence and gate to erect along the path edge, to keep the dog off the ga
rden. For now we have a length of orange fencing wire tied across the gap. When he was a puppy our dog misjudged the height of an electric fence, since then he only needs to see a piece of orange wire and stays clear - live or not !!

Back to the garden... all the fruit trees are in, 3 apple, 2 pear and 1 apricot. Also a blackcurrant bush, a jostaberry, a red currant and a gooseberry. We have also transplanted the cranberry, from the back garden to the edge of the bog garden, as they like the soil to be moist.

Before sowing the grass seeds we planted groups of 'tete- a- tete' daffodil bulbs and crocus bulbs.

On the slope, by the steps we have planted a Star of Jasmine, against the wall, a Daphne odora bush and 3 winter boxes. All are scented and flower at different times of the year.

On the edge
of the bog garden we have added a dogwood.

A few tweaks and a few years for it to become established and it will start to resemble a garden not a building site.....finally !!! That is if it all grows !!

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