Friday, 18 September 2009

Native pond plants and muddy knees

Today the plants I ordered over the internet arrived
, 5 days after ordering, just as they said they would.

I'm really pleased with them, well packed and labelled and good size plants. Individually not exp
ensive either... it just adds up when you get carried away. I ordered a combination of floating, marginal and fully submerged plants for the pond and a few plug plants for the bog garden. It really is at they very end of the growing season for these plants, so I just hope the warm weather holds out for a little while longer, giving them time to get established before the winter.

The company I used was Naturescape .

So this afternoon I have been playing in the pond, deciding what to put where. I have left the plants that are to go at the bottom of the pond until I have help, otherwise I would certainly have fallen in. As it is I have muddy knees, dirty jumper sleeves (from pushing them up with muddy hands) and a dirty face, likewise from brushing my hair from my face. It was fun though.

Amazingly after only a couple of weeks the pond has started to attract wildlife, the wood pigeons come regularly for a drink, as do wasps and flies, the sparrows bathe in the shallows on the beach side and in the water are mosquito larvae, little red worms, I'm yet to identify and a kind of water flea. As you can tell I have much to learn about pond life.

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