Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Chutney and Jam

Today I made the first batch of this year's marrow chutney. I thought for a change I would make several small batches of different recipes.Today I tried a recipe from Riverford Farm
Mostly because it was one of only a few recipes that didn't require soaking the marrow with salt for 24 hours, also it used tomatoes rather than apples. We have plenty of tomatoes this year but few apples so it sounded ideal. It seems to have turned out OK, slightly spicy with a hint of ginger, so won't be popular with everyone in the house. With everyone taking sandwiches to work each weekday and a fondest for cold meat and pickles we do get through a fair amount of chutney throughout the year.

I also made some more plum jam with plums from the freezer....only one bag left now. It was all going so well and just coming to setting point when the dog started to bark at a delivery lorry, by the time I had sorted that out (it wasn't even for us ) the plums had started to catch on the bottom of the pan. I think I have managed to save most of the jam, which doesn't taste burnt..I hope, but now instead of the house smelling nicely of chutney and jam it smells of old socks !! Well boiling soap powder at least.

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