Friday, 7 August 2009

First plums of the year

This morning we picked the first of this years plums. Not many, about half a calf bucket full and not that good. I think the pigs possibly ended up with more than we brought home. They aren't really ripe but are beginning to split on the tree. The year started off looking quite
promising, with plenty of blossom but we were hit by several weeks of hard frosts earlier in the year.
2007 was a bumper year, 2008 not so good with no spare for jam etc. so we were looking forward to this years. The last jar of 2007 jam is open in the fridge now.

We have three trees of the local Dittisham plum. It is a good plum both for eating and cooking. It ripens to a dark purple with yellow flesh. The trees are very old and are in need a fair bit of work. This month is the ideal time to prune more than likely this weekends work.

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