Thursday, 11 June 2009

Chick update

I don't seem to be keeping such a good photographic record of the second hatch of chicks. They seem a little more nervous than the Welsummer chicks and being in the shed harder to photograph.

I have been trying to compare photos of the two hatches at the same age, as I feel these are feathering up much slower, although I did notice last time the Speckled Sussex were much slower than the Welsummer - so maybe it's a breed thing....3 of the latest hatch are Light Sussex, the fourth unknown.

Photo 1: Speckled Sussex chick 7 May 09 approx 3 weeks
Photo 2: Light Sussex chick 11 June 09 approx 3 weeks

Photo below: Welsummer chicks 7 May 09 approx 3 weeks.

The fourth chick from this hatch is supposedly either a Goldline or Blackrock...neither I think !! goodness knows what cross it is. It has similar markings to the Light Sussex, maybe a little more black on the wings, with feathers on it's legs and feet. It is also feathering up quicker.

Photo below: Unknown chick from second hatch approx 3 weeks.

The first hatch are really doing well and are ready to move on whenever we are.

Photo below: Speckled Sussex from 1st hatch 11 June 09 approx 8 weeks

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