Sunday, 7 June 2009

All change

The problem with not having as much space as we would like and having the livestock we do, we are forever moving things around and adapting what we have to suit the most pressing requirement. Today it was adapting living quarters for the oldest chicks.They are now 7 weeks old and have outgrown their first outdoor run. The original plan was to move them from their first run to the growers pen at the yard.The problem is we haven't even started on converting Jack's garden to the two pens we had planned for the area, also that plan has been slightly changed now as half the area will be needed for the boar weaners when they are 4-5 months old as they will need separating from the gilts. Anyway getting back to the chicks - we have spent the morning adapting the run that was originally built for the main hen house to accommodate the chicks, a new end panel has been screwed on that fits the metal broody coop ( which until recently Fred the lamb was using as a daytime shelter ! )
The run had never been used as part of the house but I did use it to put the hen's feeder in, to keep dry, as it's partly covered. The hen's food is now in the covered part of the chick's first run, that is until we need it for the second batch of chicks, but that won't be for another six weeks and by then the first chicks should be at the yard and so the hens can have their original run back. It does all work out, in a very round about sort of way.

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