Monday, 29 June 2009

5 days on...

...and we still have four and goodness have they grown ! They may be difficult to start to feed but once they have learnt how they don't seem to stop, maybe occasionally for a quick nap. I have introduced them to a new bigger feeder and drinker, both of which appear very scary to them.Changes are going to have to be very gradual, next step covers on both to stop them standing in their food and water.

Typically I think I have a pair of the commercial whites and two of the same sex of the bronze, it was the bronze I was hoping to keep as a breeding pair.With the males the wing feathers stick out similar to an ostrich' wing feathers. With the bronze, only on one side do their wings stick out, so I guess it will be 7 weeks before I know for certain....if they survive that is !

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