Friday, 22 May 2009

Long weekend - To do list

Yet another bank holiday weekend and this one is forecast to be dry, so a to do list !

1. Eggs in the incubator are due to hatch, so keep a check etc.
6.00 am One has started to pip
11.30am 2nd one both Light Sussex:

4.15 pm 2 more LS pipped ( a little too close to the wrong end for comfort)
5.30pm 2nd to pip has hatched.
7.00pm 1st to pip has hatched.
5.45 am AnotherLS hatched,one more pipping.The one that is pipping the wrong end is still alive but not yet hatched.
Sun pm. Made the mistake of helping one that had pipped the wrong end out. It's alive and was ready to hatch but is very weak.The one that started to pip this morning I'm pretty sure is dead. No more hatching as yet.

4.00pm Moved the two that hatched yesterday to the brooder.
6.15pm Moved third chick to brooder.Removed dead in shell chick.Will now leave well alone and see what happens!
5.45 1 Blackrock/Goldline pipping
The 3 LS chicks in the brooder survived the night and are looking good.

9.30 Blackrock/Goldline chick hatched. Not quite sure it's breed -yellow, black to wings and feathered feet ! Cute though.
2. Order some turkey eggs to arrive mid week, by then the incubator should be empty.
Done!! Through Ebay.....never bought eggs this way before. Fingers crossed!!! Sat am
3. Give pigs their freedom, well not quite hopefully, move to the run in the paddock.

Done Sat am
4. Muck out and scrub the stable.
Done Sat am

5. Restrict geese to 'Jacks' area to allow the fowl run to rest.
Done Sat am
6. Usual weekend clean out of houses.

Chicken house, chicks and lambs done 6.30am Sat. Geese done Sat am
7. Give Orchard geese the run of my late mother in laws garden.
Will leave now until next weekend.
8. Ear tag Fred before his move to the yard. Also ring vet friend to check on him and advise on jabs.

Sat am: Tag different make to my pliers, ask vet friend for hers.
Mon am: Left message on answerphone
9. Jab and worm lambs/sheep
Waiting for return phone call
10.Phone shearer and hopefully get Annie sheared.

Left message on answerphone Sat pm Still waiting for reply.
11.Re organise the houses in the Hen run at home, trim the grass and reseed and cover bare patch under hen house.
Mon am: Started - decided it will be easier next week when Fred has been moved to the yard!

12.Set up brooder.

Done Sun am.
13.Help with checking the bees.
Bees checked. Queen cell destroyed, super added.Fingers crossed they don't still swarm. Sun pm.

Garden & Greenhouse:

1. Strim grass.
Done Sat pm

2. Buy compost/growbags and bean poles and hopefully a few plants to fill gaps in the flower border.
Mon pm: Compost, growbags etc. no flowers.
3. Plant out outdoor tomatoes and hanging basket tomatoes.

Mon pm: Hanging basket tomatoes with parsley done,also Gardener's Delight in growbags.
4. Straw the strawberries.

Done 6.30 am Sat.
5. Plant out runner beans.
Do on Tuesday now. Poles up Mon pm.
6. Hook the bank

Another day now
7. Strim and rotavate the front garden ready for next stage !!
Strimmed, rotavator mended Sat pm; rotavating started Sat pm
More rotavting and removing stones Sun pm.
Mon: more rotavating.
8. Paint front wall and railings
One day.

9. Maybe if time tidy up the flower beds and sow a few annuals.
Started Sat pm
10.Paint greenhouse glass.
Done Mon pm.
Sorted out greenhouse composted spare plants, planted Big boy tomatoes in greenhouse.Sat pm

Sun:Keep an eye on one of the Cream Legbars..not looking quite right.
Fixed trailer lights Sun am.
Collected replacement shearling ewe pm.

Those are the main must do's, hopefully a few extras will get done as well. Or it will be a case of the 'best laid plans of mice and men' and very little of the above will get done !

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