Monday, 11 May 2009

A breakthrough ?

When I first put the young Legbars and Dorkings in the same house as the older hens I didn't worry too much where they slept. I was just relieved they hadn't been murdered overnight by the others....OK by Mona ! However for the past few weeks I have been religiously going up, after they have settled and gently placing each of them onto the perch. Today one of the Legbars was perching !! Not only was she perching but she was on the highest perch of all.The two Dorkings are sort of getting there, they were perched on the rim of the nest box.The other Legbar, well she was snuggled down all nice and comfy in the nest box as usual and grumbled quietly to herself when I placed her along side the others. Maybe I still have a little way to go with her.

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