Tuesday, 14 April 2009

All in together.

On Sunday I decided it was time for all the hens to roost in the same house. Well it seemed silly not to, the Dorkings were already going into the house during the day to lay and I might actually need the broody ark soon (although the Speckled Sussex eggs don't look very promising !)

So after they had all gone to roost Sunday evening I placed the young four in with the others. There was a bit of grumbling and feather fluffing but nothing more. I was so convinced, however that they would wake up in the morning and attack each other that I let them out extra early. Normally I open their door about 6.30 - 6.45 just before I go to the yard.On Monday it was 5.45..the poor hens I think they were more confused by being disturbed an hour early, than they were by waking up in strange surroundings !

In the evening they all eventually put themselves to bed. There was a bit of bullying by Mona, of course, who chased them out every time they tried to enter the house but they persisted and she gave in.

This morning , much to their relief I let them out at 6.30am. All seemed reasonably peaceful. The two young Legbars had spent the night in the nest box, and there was a broken egg on the floor of the house, so not ideal. I will give them a few days to settle and then each evening place them on the perch until they get the idea.

The Orchard geese.....well interfering the other day didn't work ! The young broody goose has moved her nest from just inside the doorway and tucked it tight into the corner at the back. If it was because we disturbed her, if she was too hot or if she thinks it is a safer place for the goslings to hatch we will never know. It hasn't however stopped the other goose laying in the nest. She was on it this morning, while the young one took a break. The poor broody does look a sorry sight. Even though she gets off the nest each day for a quick bite to eat and freshen up, she has lost a lot of weight and looks quite bedraggled.
Putting the older goose' eggs into the new shelter obviously didn't work, yesterday I found them unceremoniously kicked out and lying side by side on the grass.

I think I will definitely just leave them to it now.There is only a few more days to go and I am sure they know more than I do.

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