Monday, 23 March 2009

Weather forecasting

My husband is interested in the weather, to say he was obsessive or fanatical would be unkind. He will often watch two or three television forecasts one after another ( until one forecasts the weather he would like ! ) He also has metcheck automatically logged on on his computer. A couple of Christmas' ago the children bought him a weather station, a digital one, that you can store on the computer records of years of weather conditions. He loves it !

Recently it had to be moved from the old shed to the new, now I don't know what has happened but it has an alarm that will alert you to changing weather conditions, before the move it never went am beep beep beep Pressure is dropping.....5.15am beep beep beep...pressure still dropping.You get the picture, my pressure was rising.!!

Just now it beeped at me again...goodness knows what for! Looking out of the window I would say it is going to rain soon. I also know there is a cold wind today and it's not as sunny as yesterday, but then what would I know (without consulting the gadget lurking in the kitchen)

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