Sunday, 8 March 2009

Seed Diary round up

Broad Beans: Sown the 14 th February, in cold greenhouse.

Photo above: 1 March 09 (1 week) Photo below: 8 March 09 (2 weeks)

All but o
ne of the beans have germinated and the plants are looking strong ( better than in photo) Hopefully next weekend they can be planted out.

Sweetpeas: Sown 14th Februaury in the dining room.Germinated after 5 days - Straggly, moved to cold greenhouse. Still straggly germination sporadic.Will sow some more seeds soon.

Photos: Above 1st March. Below 8th March.

: Ildi - Sown 23 February in cold greenhouse,have failed to germinate.Brought them into the warmth 8 March if not germinated by the end of the week will start again.

Shirley - Sown 1st March in the dining room.Germinated 7th March moved to greenhouse.Looking straggly.

Peppers: Sown 1st March in the dining room. I think they are just beginning to germinate.

Radish: Sown 2nd March in cold greenhouse, yet to germinate ( old seeds)

Lettuce: Baby leaf Salad mix. Sown 2nd March in cold greenhouse, germinating.

Bought yesterday 8th March: Strawberry plants: 3 Cambridge Favourite and 2 Honeoye

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