Monday, 2 March 2009

Seed Diary Update.

It has been just over 2 weeks (16 days) since I planted the first seed of this year.

The sweet peas are showing their second pair of true leaves and are looking a little less straggly after their somewhat neglected start...well the packet said germination 7 - 21 days not 5 !! Some later ones are still coming through, so a little sporadic, most likely due to the huge day/night temperature variation in the greenhouse.

The broad beans are beginning to break through the soil and it looks as if though most will germinate.

I have three different kinds of tomato sown so far. One I left in the greenhouse and the other two in the warmth of the dining room. It will be interesting to see which fairs better.

Today I planted Gardenline - Radish French Breakfast a free out of date packet of seeds, so no idea how they will do.I just thought I'd give a few ago in a pot in the greenhouse. Also Marshasll's Baby leaf - Salad mix. Again to grow on in a pot in the greenhouse.

Today we also put our main crop - Maris Piper potatoes to chit. Our first and second earlies are coming along nice and steady.

After a lovely weekend we woke to quite a sharp frost and tomorrow's forecast is for heavy rain and gales, a timely reminder that it is still early in the gardening calender.

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