Saturday, 28 March 2009

Poultry Auction

I didn't intend to buy.... honest !!! but there were some lovely birds and the prices were good. I could have bought a lot more, so I was restrained well my husband was and he had the bidding card, ( note to self : in future maintain possession of said card .)

All birds entered were inspected and had to meet breed type, a red card was given for exhibition quality and a blue card for any rejects and the reason for rejection given, so we were confident that we were buying good quality birds.We bought two POL Silver Dorking, smashing birds. For now they are in with my other hens but will eventually make up part of the breeding group for 'meat' to be crossed with an Indian Game cock.

I also bought two dozen hatching eggs.! One dozen Welsummer and a dozen Speckled Sussex. So they will go in the incubator tonight and in three weeks time we will see what we have.

A brilliant day!!


Anonymous said...

oh sounds great. how often are the rare breed auctions?

two dozen eggs!! you must have a much bigger incubator than me!

Sandra said...

The rare breeds auction is held twice a year around March and October time. The normal ones every other Saturday. As I said it's the first time we have been, always too busy before.I had also heard the prices were quite high but for some reason yesterday they weren't.Most hens averaged £15 or less, which I didn't think was too over the top for good breed type.
The hatching eggs they couldn't give away towards the end - £1 a dozen!

My incubator is a Fiems Inca 50.I don't know how good it is.I have only used it twice on goose eggs, with little success.Wether that was the incubator, me or the geese I don't know.We'll see how these go.

Anonymous said...

oh, I'm going to go next time I think... even if I have to keep my hands in my pockets!