Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Roll Call

The Geriatric Gang now have individual names - for identification purposes only, nothing profound. Photographing them proved to be difficult as they kept coming too close to the camera, hoping for food.

Splash - ( so called because she has black specks on her back as if though she has been splashed with black paint )

Peggy - she's is the sweetest of them all, she walks with an unusual gait as she is unable to curl her toes.

Mona - she is the nosiest of all, always complaining about something.

Blackie - for obvious reasons.


A Green and Rosie Life said...

We have 4 black chickens like Blackie - Mabel, Chicken Licken, Mrs Badger and Molly. (All named by the boys). Does Blackie lay beautiful almost purple eggs? Mine do and are well behaved girls and lay their eggs where they are supposed to, as opposed to the brown girls, two of whom insist on laying in the barn and then if the dog finds them first she eats them!

Rosie x

Sandra said...

Eggs !! What are eggs ? The four hens cmae from an elderly gentleman who was giving up poultry keeping.He thought they were about 5 years old.We got them in October,two laid ocassionally through December..nothing since!

A Green and Rosie Life said...

No eggs - dog eating the eggs - it all comes to the smae thing in the end!!

Rosie x