Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Livestock - Deadstock

'Where there is livestock, there is deadstock' so the saying goes and it is true but non the less sad.

Today I had my sheep shot.We had done all we could for her and last night she took a turn for the worst.

She had been staying at a friend's smallholding to run with her ram and unfortunately picked up liver fluke.We hoped we had treated it in time and moved her back onto my land which is free draining, gave her extra food, multi vits. took blood test and gave her plenty of tlc. but she was struggling and it wasn't fair.

It's strange we rear animals for meat and when their time comes we know we have cared for them, given them a good life and that's fine but when an animal goes before it's time and when it's death could have been avoided it's difficult.

I was very impressed with the knacker man's approach to my sheep, he was calm and gentle with her, talking quietly to her the whole time.

We asked him to examine her and unfortunately her liver had been badly damaged, sadly she was also carrying twin ewe lambs.

Now our focus must be on the remaining sheep...Annie. She needs company as soon as possible. So we will get her another sheep at the weekend, sooner if she is looking at all stressed.

She is a picture of health, hopefully she will remain so and produce healthy twins in eight weeks time.


Whitestripe and her twin rams lambs April 2008


Whitestripe when she came to us Easter 2006


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, thats very sad.and it never stops being sad, however much you know or experience it, does it.

take care, and good luck getting company for your other girl.

A Green and Rosie Life said...

I'm so sorry - we lost two sheep last year and you still wonder whether you could have done more for them. Hopefully you can get another sheep soon and that your remaining sheep is in lamb.

(Glad the sweet peas cheered you up)

Rosie x

Sandra said...

Thank you both.

It is a shame we lost her but it happens,you learn from it and move on.(she was a cade lamb we bottle reared which makes it a little harder)Annie doesn't seem too stress we have moved her into the paddock with the geese and have arranged to pick up one of last year's ewe lambs to keep her company.