Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Grey Days

After a few lovely spring like days we are now having a run of dull grey days, I don't like them. They make me feel flat and unmotivated. I am sure the animals feel the same, they are all just mooching around - not sad, not happy, just being.

All three Sussex are now laying, not daily - but laying. I am not expecting a lot from them as they are quite elderly. I am rather hoping they will go broody as Sussex make good mothers and they will be more useful as brooders than occasional layers.

The seeds that I planted are just 'sitting there sulking'. I was told if I planted them too soon they would just sit and sulk until the time was right, maybe I should have listened to the more experienced.

Tonight we are going to give a goose egg a try. No one in the family is that keen, although they love the hens eggs. Previous years I have either given the goose eggs away or incubated them but as we are short of the hens it seems daft not to give the goose a go. I thought maybe if I scrambled it .... .To go with the egg we have 'home grown' sausages and bacon.

Photo: Goose egg and Light Sussex eggs

Goose Egg - a double yolker


Anonymous said...

ohhhh - what did it taste like? I think ducks eggs are stronger.. but i like them in a curry etc... couldn't help imagining how many soldiers you would need with that boiled egg!

Sandra said...

I don't often eat eggs ...not that fond, but the family liked it enough for them to agree that we will eat them reguarly from now on.I played safe this time and scrambled it, next time fried or boiled.